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With so many age-gap marriages today, dating someone who is younger is clearly not uncommon. Age these days is not a factor anymore.

Based on a study, younger women seek marriage with older men not just because of financial stability, but rather these ladies are merely attracted to the traits that older men have.

Younger women often don’t go for a man their age anymore. Try to see it this way; she’s a girl in her 20’s, the guy she dates still lives with his parents, still aimless, and just looking for fun.

And then she meets an older man. What happens next is magical. She can’t believe how romantic he is. He sets up a date and shows up on time. He makes reservations. He can hold a smart conversation. He is actually taking his time to get to know her and not goosing at her all the time.

Imagine being appreciated and her thinking you’re the best man she’s ever dated so far.

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Advantages of Marrying a Younger Woman

There’s a famous saying that goes, ‘a man is only as young as the woman he feels’. Aside from feeling youthful, there are more reasons why it’s advantageous for you to marry a younger woman.

Here are the advantages:

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Why Latin Women Seek Love from Older Men

While you may think it’s impossible for a younger woman to like you, young ladies in Cartagena think otherwise. In fact, women in Cartagena are extremely attracted to older men. This is because older men have the traits and characteristics that they are looking for in a man. One of those traits is being responsible.

Cartagena women would want to make sure that the man they’re going to marry would be able to support their family. It’s undeniable that older men have had more experience in life, therefore they’re more likely to have stable jobs.

These Latinas grew up in a community where men are the main provider of the family. On the other hand, they were taught to take care of the children and do household chores.

These girls are both smart and career driven. But when it comes to building a family, these girls wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their careers to attend their main responsibility which is motherhood.

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