Marriage Culture in Cartagena

Discover the marriage culture in Cartagena
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Cartagena, known as Cartagena de Indias, is the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast. This city is famous for its superb beauty lying within a majestic centuries-old stone wall.

Aside from seeing the most breathtaking views of this city, you’ll also be able to notice a lot of voluptuous and stunning women. Not only that these women are beautiful but they’re also ideal life partners.

You might want to check on Sofia Vergara’s (Colombian Hollywood actress) relationship, and you’ll know what I mean.

On a side note, this is because Colombian culture is mostly influenced by Roman Catholicism. That influence extended up to the marriage culture of Cartagena. The truth is, even when divorce has been legalized in their country, it’s still considered a taboo. That’s how they strongly value marriage in Colombian culture.

Furthermore, did you know that Colombia has the lowest divorce rate across Latin American countries? Yes, they do! People in their country are known to be one of the most loyal individuals in the world.

Ladies in Cartagena know their worth and won’t just settle for anything less than they deserve. That’s why they expanded their options by being part of the best matchmaking and marriage agency to hopefully get wed to a foreign man in the future.

It’s not like these ladies aren’t independent. In fact, despite the difficulties their country faces, these girls are still able to manage themselves. These women are just looking for better options outside their boundaries. And besides, love knows no boundaries.

Marriage for these ladies is considered as a one-time event only. They would want to make sure that the person they’re going to marry is mature and will be able to provide for the family.

That’s why one of their wedding traditions is --- before the groom and the bride seal the deal, so to speak, the priest will bless 13 holy coins and the groom will exchange this with his bride. That doesn’t imply as the groom buying out the bride. But rather, this indicates the groom’s willingness to provide for the family and begin life as a married man. At the same time, this also conveys “what’s mine is yours now”.

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Why Women in Cartagena, Colombia Are Ideal Wives

ur client with a stunning woman in Cartagena seeking marriage internationally
Cartagena DatingDiscover why women in Cartagena are ideal wives

Here are some of the characteristics Cartagena women have that make them ideal wives:

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