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When you hear the word Cartagena, what probably comes to your mind first are the historical sites or the fascinating destinations. International tourists who travel to South America usually head to Cartagena for numerous reasons. Cartagena, Colombia today is very different from the past. It has improved a lot and became the safest metropolis in Colombia.

After Cartagena city gained independence from Spain on November 11, 1811, it continuously prospered up until today. It managed to export oil, platinum, coffee, sugar, tobacco, cosmetics, fertilizer, leather products, and textiles. Its tourism has boomed too due to a number of developed Caribbean beaches in Cartagena and superb attractions.

Because of its location as a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena beaches are breathtaking. That’s why tourists flock to see its wonders, not to mention Cartagena’s good and warm weather which draws millions of tourists from around the world. Meanwhile, Cartagena City’s population has also expanded to over 1 million. Despite this fact, Cartagena, the Jewel of the Indies, is still the country’s largest port and source of petrochemicals.

Regardless of its past, Cartagena chose to remain unchanged to also preserve its identity and heritage. Cartagena’s past has a great contribution to what it is today. Due to several historical treasures that its long history left, Cartagena was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

Cartagena city is now one of the most visited and famous cities in Colombia because of its mysterious past that defines its strong walls. Thus, include it in your travel bucket list and don’t forget to travel to Cartagena. If you are looking for a perfect place to spend alone time, Cartagena city is one great choice. Guaranteed, you will not only be enjoying its attractions but in meeting Colombian women as well.

Despite Cartagena city’s prosperity, let’s trace back the brief history of Colombia until how Cartagena took its part, became a progressive city, and managed to become one of the most visited cities as of the present-day.

Header: Cartagena’s Rich History

As the Colombian cities continue to record every event that happened in the past, Cartagena’s past seems to be so noticing. During the colonization of Spaniards, Cartagena city was the seat of Spanish power and trade. Cartagena’s contribution to independence is very significant in Colombian history. That act greatly affects its people, not just Cartagena’s culture and traditions.

If you happen to visit Cartagena, you will observe how its people take pride and show love to their city. People in Cartagena wear bracelets, shirts, bags, wallets and more that show their national emblem. They are so nationalistic and patriotic. Whenever and wherever they are, they give respect and value to their city and country, in general.

Before the Spaniards came to Cartagena, there were already indigenous groups who inhabited the city. Several years later, gold was found in the burial chamber of indigenous leaders. This has drawn the attention of many people to move to Cartagena, with nothing but a plan of robbing the city’s treasure and riches.

Historical structures in Cartagena city
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Because of gold, Cartagena’s population rapidly grew from a small village to a city in just a short span of time. However, the ill motives of the newly-arrived people were the causes of Cartagena’s great downfall.

Spanish Commander Pedro de Heredia then came to Cartagena and founded the city on June 1, 1533. Heredia and his sailors originally came from the former location of the indigenous Caribbean Calamari village. They founded and named Cartagena city after Cartagena, Spain where they originated.

The riches of Cartagena became the target of many pirates and European empires. The city was robbed several times, with a great degree of gold. Yet despite the tragic events that happened in the past, Cartagena still emerged as an important commercial spot in the entire country. Its geographical location also made the city a major trading center.

It was the time of Francis Drake, an English sea captain, and slave trader, that construction of Cartagena walls came to rise. The walls were purposely built to keep away invaders, and through time, the walls became one of the best symbols of Cartagena until the current time.

The eventful history of Cartagena are the reasons behind its gradual success. Cartagena is now gaining popularity worldwide because of its rich history, culture, lifestyle, Colombian food, and most especially its hospitable people and beautiful women. Cartagena women’s deep-rooted upbringing is also a product of Cartagena’s past. As a result, these women have been looked up by many. Others have been wanting to marry one as well and probably you.

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