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According to TripAdvisor, Cartagena is one of the famous destinations on the rise among foreigners throughout the globe. This breathtakingly exquisite city has grown and developed over the past few years, attracting more tourists each year.

Not only you’ll be able to see the wonders of this colorful city, which varies from exuberant landscapes, white sand beaches, gastronomic offerings, and its cultural festivals, but you’ll also be able to experience one-handedly the rich culture that they were able to preserve up until this modern day.

That’s what Cartagena, Colombia is all about, a city that remembers the past and takes pride in their culture.

One of the things to know about Colombian culture is that they value Christianity. Roman Catholicism is the most dominant religion in their country. And this strongly influenced their culture.

Furthermore, festivals for salsa dancing, jazz music, gastronomy, and art are just one of the many events people in Cartagena celebrate. This city has a lot to rave about. In fact, almost every month they have a holiday or two.

Apart from that, Cartagena is known for having one of the most stunning women in the world. The upbringing of these ladies made them the most sought-after brides in the globe. And that’s exactly why you should consider traveling to Cartagena to meet them.

One thing you should remember when dating Latinas in Cartagena is to be aware that these women are serious about their search for a life partner. Therefore, asking her for sexual favors is definitely a deal-breaker for these women. These ladies are very clever. If they observe you’re only after one thing, they wouldn’t hesitate to call off the date.

So if you’re serious in your search, be sure to treat her right. Keep in mind that if she’s not easy then that’s when you know she’s worth every effort.

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Religious Principles of Women in Cartagena

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Cartagena DatingDiscover the religious principles of a Cartagena woman

As previously mentioned, Roman Catholicism is the main religion in Cartagena. It greatly influenced the characteristics of Latinas in their city. Although these women are devoted to their religion, they’re very open to dating internationally. In fact, most Cartagena women are seeking marriage from foreign men.

Many years ago, interracial marriages were considered a taboo in certain parts of the world. While now, it is very much accepted in our society. Also, based on a study, international marriage would most likely work rather than marrying someone from the same country. Marrying a Colombian woman will never be boring as these women are naturally witty and have the same passion for life.

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Household Customs of Women in Cartagena for Marriage

Colombian women in Cartagena not only brag about their voluptuous figure but also their capabilities as a woman. These ladies were raised in a patriarchal society, and they were taught to carry out all the responsibilities of a woman. That includes cleaning the house, doing the laundry, doing the dishes, and watching over their younger siblings while working themselves academically.

Because of this, you can be certain that they make great housewives as these women embrace their duties. Also, the household customs of these ladies play an important role in the culture of Colombia.

Although Cartagena women are very enthusiastic about their tasks, these ladies prefer to be led on by their man. They believe that when it comes to major decisions, the head of the family should have the last say ---- their husbands. Also, these women grew up in a community where the major responsibility of men is to provide for the family.

In addition, ladies in Cartagena are raised to be family-oriented individuals. And because they’re family-oriented, these women are fully prepared to bear a child. One of the ultimate goals these women have is to get married and build a family of their own. Thus, you can be assured knowing that these women are very mature even at a young age.

Expect these women to dedicate their time and effort to you and your future children. Because once married, your family will be her top priority.

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