Valentine’s Presents for Colombian Women

Man and a woman hugging at breakfast
Online dating can lead to the real thing.

So you’ve done it. You tried your hand at online dating and you managed to find a happy and stable relationship. You didn’t think you could do it. You heard all the bad things about online dating and tempered your expectations appropriately. But your experience ended up a lot better than what some of those negative articles depicted.

But now that your love life is in a pretty good place, there are a few things that you need to observe.

These probably aren’t things that you’ve had to think about before, but now that you’ve flown out to Colombia and gotten yourself a girlfriend, you’re going to have to start thinking about these things.

One of these things that you have to think about now and didn’t have to pay any mind to before is Valentine’s Day. Back when you were single, you could just go ahead and ignore the day and maybe get some discount chocolate the next day.

The thing is that because the country has its own romantic celebration, Colombian women might not be all that familiar with American Valentine’s Day. They might be aware of it thanks to the consumption of American media, but the actual celebration of it will be foreign and alien to them.

Sure, they may have some understanding of what it is and how it’s celebrated, but their practical experience with it may be somewhat limited. So it’s kind of on you to make sure that the whole thing goes well. So make sure you plan the celebration properly.

One of the ways in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated in America is with gifts. People give baubles to their significant others as a way of expressing their affection. And that’s when you run into your first problem, because you have no idea what bauble you need to get for your partner.

Maybe you don’t know her well enough to know what she’d like. Maybe you don’t trust your taste. Maybe there are just so many good options that you can’t pick just one, but your bank account says to pick just one. So you find yourself stuck and without any idea of what to get your partner.

A man handing a woman a gift.
Dating a Colombian woman may mean having to show her a few things about your culture.


Okay, so you’re thinking of what to get her and you get it in your head that you should get the penultimate in romantic gifts. That would be jewelry. Now, there’s a lot of options when it comes to jewelry, but if you’re thinking of something romantic for Valentine’s Day, then there’s really only one thing you have to go with.

That thing would be the necklace, something your partner can wear around her neck. It’s not quite an engagement ring, but it’s still pretty intimate nonetheless.

An engagement ring

If you’re dating a Colombian woman, then there’s something that you need to understand and it’s that, by and large, casual dating is not something that’s encouraged in her culture. They’re encouraged to date with the intent of finding someone with whom they can settle down and build a life.

So if you’re looking for a gift that’s going to send her over the moon, then there’s really only one choice that you can go with, and that’s an engagement ring, the ring you give someone to tell them that you’d like to marry them and spend the rest of your lives together. Now, you’re supposed to get down on one knee in order to present her with this present.

Getting her this means that you’re ready to move on to the next step of your journey together, which is kind of what a lot of women in Colombia want.

Some clothes

Another common gift that can be given on Valentine’s Day is a new wardrobe. Or at least a few pieces that can be added to an existing. You can give your partner some clothes come the 14th of February. But not just any clothes, though. They have to be special. Maybe you can get them a nice dress or something of the manner.

Be forewarned that sizing can be a little crazy when it comes to women’s clothes. A Medium from one brand could be a Large in another and a Small in yet another.

Flowers and chocolates

Now, there are a couple of things that are pretty synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Do you know what they are? They’re flowers and chocolates. But not just any flowers and chocolates. The flowers have to be romantic. You can’t just bring out any flowers. You’re probably going to have to go with some long-stemmed red roses and you’re going to have to get about a dozen of them in a bouquet.

As for the chocolate, you’ve got a bit more leeway there. You don’t have to get some specialized chocolate that was handmade in Switzerland with only the finest cacao. No, you can just go ahead and get regular chocolate, the same kind you get near the counter at a gas station. But since it’s a special occasion, you should probably go for chocolate that’s just as special.

But there’s one caveat when it comes to the chocolate. If you’re getting her chocolate, you’ve got to make sure that it comes in a heart-shaped box.

A paper heart in an envelope
Colombian women love being in love, so celebrate love appropriately.

Don’t forget the dinner

Another thing that you shouldn’t forget to have ready for your partner in order to properly celebrate Valentine’s Day is to make sure that you’ve got a great date planned. Sure, you need to have a great gift. But you need to have a date on which to give them that gift.

So make sure that you’ve made reservations for the night. If there isn’t a table available at a decent restaurant, then make sure to drop by a grocery store so as to have the ingredients you need in order to make dinner at home. And maybe make sure to have a nice bottle of wine as well.

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that’s treated as a holiday except that people are still expected to show up at the office. But after that, the celebrations can begin and it’s going to be on you to make sure that they go smoothly.