New Date Idea for National Lover’s Day: Horror Movie Binge-Watching

Forget the chick flicks, it’s horror movies that really make a date more interesting.

couple watching a movie
Binge-watching horror movies is a better date idea than watching chick flicks!

They’re not only more fun to go through with someone, but they also help you get cozy with your girl. If your girlfriend just so happens to be a scaredy-cat and clings to you during jumpscares, it falls on you to “protect” her, right?

And if you’re both horror fanatics, all the better. It’s certainly a better date idea than doing what’s common.

Netflix is the best streaming service you can use for this. It’s filled with a lot of good horror flicks that people have come to love. Below is a list of recommendations that fans have given high praise.

1. Cam (2018)

Here’s one that’s currently relevant! Cam is especially spooky for those who rely too much on social media.

The movie is about a cam girl who gets her account stolen by a look-alike. The entire premise is about her trying to get her identity back and unmasking the mysterious woman.

It gets its own bit of spice–especially since Alice, the main character, earns money from live streaming promiscuous shows of herself–while still maintaining the thrill of horror. It’s the perfect first movie to start with, so you better get cozy!

2. Creep (2014) and Creep 2 (2017)

Creep 1

Here we have a slightly predictable but fun little ride that gets demented over time.

It starts with Aaron, a struggling videographer who accepts an assignment that makes him travel to a remote cabin. There, he meets his client, Josef, a supposedly dying man, to record him for an entire day. He wants him to make a movie for his unborn child but as the day goes on, his requests become more and more bizarre.

Creep 2

The second movie isn’t just creepy. It’s downright emotional as well.

This sequel is a little different than the usual horror sequels we know today. Instead of the goal being “let’s not do this again,” it seems to have gone with “let’s go deeper” and ran with it.

With the serial killer now taking the name Aaron after his previous victim from the first movie–oops, spoilers–he hires a video artist, Sara, who craves shocking stories. Except, this time, Aaron seemed to have lost his love for the one thing he’s most passionate of:


I’m sure we can all relate, minus the murdering part.

Nothing is more unnerving than watching an innocent female lead connect with a serial killer in the most humane way. If this is the kind of thing you and your girlfriend like watching, binge-watch both movies in one night!

couple watching a movie on the couch
Some couples would rather watch horror than try out normal date ideas at home!

3. It Follows (2015)

Here’s a movie that makes youngsters fear who they sleep with.

It Follows is a movie about a girl, Jay, who gets cursed after sleeping with her boyfriend for the first time. She learns that this curse is passed through intercourse and that Death will creep toward her either as a friend or a stranger.

Nothing like a coming-of-age story that goes sideways to get your horror-movie-loving date started, right? It certainly makes for an ideal first-date activity for those who like horror and prefer to date low-key.

It definitely makes it on the list of cheap date ideas.

4. The Babysitter (2017)

It’s babysitting gone wrong!

A 12-year-old boy named Cole finds out his hot babysitter is in a satanic cult and plans to sacrifice him so they can drink his blood. This is why you should stay away from teenagers in general.

The movie, while innocent at first, gets increasingly messed up over time. Out of everything on this list, this is probably the one that’s most light-hearted. I mean, it’s a kid that goes to fight teenagers. That’s as mild as any horror movie can get.

Still, you’ll be shoved into the perspective of a kid. It makes you think of ways to get out of the mess you’re shoved in if you were in Cole’s shoes.

5. Girl on the Third Floor (2019)

What happens when a family moves in to renovate an old-looking home and make it into a new one where they could live peacefully?

They get haunted by women who used to be sex workers, that’s what.

The old house they want to live in–surprise surprise–used to be a bordello and it catered to violent and grotesque fantasies. As one might expect in a horror movie, a place like that is definitely going to have angry ghosts that will make civilians’ lives miserable.

All of that amounts to you and your girlfriend having a great time with the jumpscares.

6. It (2017) and It Chapter 2 (2019)

For the clown-haters and clown-lovers!

It (2017)

If you haven’t heard of this movie then you were probably living under a rock for the past 5 years.

It introduces a now well-known clown, Pennywise, played by amazing actor Bill Skarsgard, who terrorizes children that have family issues and insecurities. As for why he does such a thing, well, clowns have to eat something, right?

The movie stars him and a gang of teenagers who battle against Pennywise’s underhanded terrors. The kids are a joy to watch and have banter every now and then, so it isn’t as dark as how other horror movies are.

You just gotta watch out for the clown.

It Chapter 2 (2019)

It Chapter 2 follows after the first movie. After 27 years, the kids are now adults who have their own careers but get called back to the town they grew up in when Pennywise returns.

The movie splits off into the current timeline and some flashbacks, with the child actors serving as well-paced exposition for the adults. The characters, clearly not over their trauma and issues, make for easy pickings for the hungry clown who missed them. It makes you want to punch Pennywise with a vengeance and root for the now-adults.

So whether you love clowns – seriously, who does? – or hate them, this two-part movie is for you. After all, with Stephen King as the writer, what else could you be looking for?

Also, did I mention that one of the characters is James McAvoy, also known as young Professor X from X-men?

Have Fun on the Date!

There are romantic date ideas and there are unique date ideas. And while watching horror movies instead of chick flicks isn’t necessarily as unique, it’s still a little out there.

There are many date ideas at home you can try but it all really depends on what you two enjoy doing as a couple.

National Lover’s Day is for you, so you do what you want to do instead of adhering to what’s common.