The Perfect Man: Ideal Qualities Women Look for in a Partner

couple kissing

“I only date good-looking men,” says one woman. All of a sudden, every guy believes that all women want attractive-looking men. Thinking that’s what women define as the perfect man.

Here’s the kicker. We don’t – We don’t share one brain, and we certainly don’t have identical dating criteria. Each of us have our own preferences and ideal qualities we look for in a partner, one is unique from the other.

But even if we have different sets of preferences, most of us collectively agree that there are some ideal qualities that a romantic partner should have, such as:


A confident man is attractive to women.

Now, confidence is not the same as arrogance.

Confidence is being self-assured, while arrogance is being a narcissist. One is a positive trait, and the other is not. And without a hint of doubt, women prefer the former and tend to avoid the latter.

To further expound, a self-confident man is someone who does not feel the need to try too hard because he wholeheartedly and humbly believes in himself. He knows what he can and cannot do. Consequently, he feels no need to prove himself to others or to himself. And that, in itself, is attractive to most (if not all) women.


Women admire polite and considerate men. We want someone who can speak kindly to us, who builds us up, not drags us down.

How do we know if someone is polite and considerate? We look at how he treats the people around him and whether he is capable of showing respect and decency toward them; because how a person treats another reflects his inner character.


Women want a partner who is emotionally and mentally mature: someone who understands the power of open communication, who can think critically in different situations, and is capable of behaving like an adult.

With a sense of humor

You have heard it before, but let me say it again: Women like men who can make them laugh. Someone with a sense of humor makes life easier, hence why most women prefer funny men over serious ones.

A man doesn’t even have to be a comedian to make a woman laugh. Even the simplest sense of humor, like knowing when to smile or laugh, is enough for us.

Emotionally Present

Women want to be heard. We want someone to be there for us when it goes and gets tough. We want someone to listen to us rant about a bad day or hear us talk endlessly about our hopes and dreams.

We want someone who we can be vulnerable with, with no hint of judgment. Someone we can openly and honestly talk to, who will give us his undivided attention when needed.

Work on Yourself

If you’re not on this level yet, here’s the good news. These qualities can be developed. You can start working on yourself if you don’t possess them yet. Slowly, but surely, you’ll become the perfect man most women will fight over to date (or marry).

For now, work on being a better person. Your future self will thank you for it. Best of luck!

This story was originally published on Medium: How to Act on Dates (Especially if It’s Been a While)