Dating Advice | How To Keep Your Cartagena Woman Happy

A photo of a Cartagena woman posing for a photo with some trees in the background.
Learn the secrets to make a Cartagena woman happy and have a more harmonious and lasting relationship.

Never hold back. Don’t be afraid to talk to her when it comes to your problems and interests in life. Your Cartagena woman is eager to know more about you because even when you’re still dating, she’s thinking of the possibility of you being her husband. She wouldn’t feel great if she’s the only one doing all the talking, despite you being a good listener. This is all because she’ll only feel you’re agreeing with her and you’re not really thinking about whatever she is saying. Pay attention when she is complaining because that’s the time she needs you the most. While talking to your Cartagena woman, do learn to speak few to several Spanish phrases to ease the communication process. Knowing her mother tongue will show her how eager you are to communicate well with her, thus, bringing you two closer.


In the culture of Colombia, punctuality is valued. So never be late in all your plans with her. Numerous men are notorious when it comes to being forgetful and tardy. Your beautiful Cartagena woman pays attention to your actions, words -- everything about you! But that’s because she is in love with you. In that way, she knows she can help you when something comes up. Getting too late once, she will understand. Twice? Either she lets it pass or you’re so hitting her nerve. Better to avoid being too late or she will start getting insecure, thinking maybe your love’s starting to fade away because it seems you are giving less importance to spending time with her.


When it comes to beauty and femininity, Cartagena women are the ones who will never back down. No wonder why men and women around the world have heard about their stunning beauty. Never control the way she dresses up herself unless she asks for your advice. Just let her be. It’s better for you to enjoy what she wants you to see. Homosexuality and drugs are sensitive topics; so be sure these topics barely come off your lips. After all, your Cartagena woman is born in a country where Roman Catholicism remains predominant. Being respectful and careful with your words and actions will make her and her family admire you for it that they will return the favor.


This is among the best dating advice for men. Never stop pouring your heart on to her. Nothing shows sincerity, commitment, and passion more than being consistent in every loving thing you do for her. Most men rarely give continuous effort because once they get comfortable, they start taking their woman for granted, which will lead to losing their relationship. Don’t let that happen with your Cartagena woman. It doesn’t have to be grand and hard. Simple things can go a long way as long as it is consistent. Surprise her with flowers once in a while. Help her with her chores. Always greet her a pleasant day. Never let a day pass without making her feel how important she is in your life.

If you’re still clueless about what dating a Cartagena woman for marriage looks like, you can always search for dating tips for new relationships to get the best dating advice.

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