Christmas Gifts for Colombian Women

Man dressed as Santa decorating a tree.
Make Santa look like an amateur when getting gifts for Colombian women.

There’s a certain time of year when you’re expected to give gifts to your significant other - several occasions in fact. Between birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries, there are a lot of days on which you’re expected to get something special for your partner. But there’s one day above all others wherein a gift is expected and that day is Christmas.

In the Christian world, including the predominantly Catholic Colombia, Christmas is a mixture of a commercial and a religious holiday. It’s commercial in the sense that people go out and buy lots and lots of food for their family gathering and gifts for the people that they care about. Now, whether or not you’re a believer, there’s going to be a certain expectation for you to get your partner a gift. But she’s Colombian. It’s a different culture than what you’re used to and you find yourself stumped when it comes to finding Christmas gifts for Colombian women.

“What should I get a Colombian woman for Christmas?” That’s a question that you’ve asked yourself over and over again. You’re probably stressing about me. Well, the kinds of things that you can get for her are going to be dependent on a lot of factors, but the most important among them is whether or not you live together.

If you live together, then you can basically get her whatever it is you want. If you don’t, if she’s still in Colombia and you’re not, you’re going to have to consider how well something travels as well as the cost to ship it to her home country. Like, if you live together, you could get her a puppy. But shipping a puppy to Colombia from your home country might be somewhat complicated.

If You’re Not Together

If you’re not with your Colombian woman, then you probably want to be. Barring that, you’re going to want to be able to spend as much as time as possible together and you’ll want that time spent to not be wasted trying to figure out how to get either of your faces up on the screen or how to turn the audio on.

Quick question: what is the most widely used device in the modern world? That thing that billions of people keep with them at basically all times? You know, it’s a little rectangle that has the computing power that could put the machines that helped put human beings on the moon to shame? That would be the smartphone.

Smartphones are capable of a wide variety of functions, like instant messaging and video calling. All they need is an internet connection. But older phone models can run into problems when it comes to battery life. They can just die abruptly. That’s not something that you want when you’re talking to her. But getting her a new phone means she gets a device with a brand new battery that won’t just die.

You know how sometimes kids will have matching bracelets with their best friends that proclaim that they’ll be best friends forever? Or how some couples will have necklaces and the pendants will be half a heart? Well, matching sets like that are pretty widely available. It doesn’t have to be necklaces or woven bracelets. You can get regular bracelets, just matching bracelets that match.

When you’re together, you can bring the two halves together. It’s symbolic of you two being apart but being whole when you’re together. Gifts like these are great because they can pack some emotional significance and they’re not going to spoil or melt while in transit.

Picture this: you’re on a call with your partner who is a woman from Colombia, you work up the nerve and say the most romantic thing that has ever come out of your mouth. And she doesn’t hear it because her next door neighbors are renovating their kitchen while their marriage is falling apart and the noise screaming at each other drowns out your voice.

The moment has passed and that little burst of courage you managed to muster is gone. So now you’re back at a place that’s not quite where you started but not where you’d like to be.

Christmas balls on a tree.
Deck the halls with gifts for your Colombian woman.

Short of helping her move somewhere the neighbors aren’t quite as loud, you can get her noise-cancelling headphones. Sure, the neighbors are still going to be really loud, but the active noise cancellation will turn their screams into whispers and she’ll hear what you need to say and whatever happens with you will end up better than it did for her (hypothetical) neighbors.

Women carry a lot of things with them. But the thing is that they have nowhere to put those things. Their pants come with pockets that can barely fit a human hand and their dresses sometimes don’t even come with pockets.

A lot of women use handbags, but those can be inconvenient because they often need to be physically carried, leaving a woman with one hand perpetually occupied. But do you know what can carry all of their stuff without taking up one of their hands? A backpack. A backpack carries her stuff without her needing to carry it.

If You’re Together

If you’re fortunate enough to spend the day with your significant other, then the kinds of gifts you can get her change because you don’t have to worry about spoiling or shipping fees. You can just go ahead and get her what you want.

Since you’re already spending the day together, chances are that you’re probably ready to commit so you might as well take the plunge and get down on one knee and present her with a hunk of precious metal topped off with a chunk of carbon whose atoms are arranged in a way that people are compelled to spend exorbitant amounts of money on them.

Some special days aren’t marked by gifts. You don’t give someone a present for Thanksgiving when you’re dating a Colombian woman, do you? But some days are marked by gifts and there aren’t many gifts more meaningful than Christmas. So make sure to pick the right one when making your selection.