Attracting Women in Cartagena as a Foreign Man

A photo of a Colombian woman in a sexy white top
Know how you can potentially attract beautiful Cartagena women. - Photo by Darren Lawrence on Unsplash

Colombia is a country in South America that is famous for many things. This paradise is known for its rich cultural history, as well as countless Colombian traditions and practices. It is also known for its picturesque travel destinations, some of which you can find in four major cities in the country, one being Cartagena.

Aside from being ranked as the second most biodiverse country in the world, Colombia is also ranked as one of the countries with a lot of diversity when it comes to beauty. Truth be told, Colombian women are considered one the most beautiful women in the world.

It is undeniable that foreign men from all over the world are enticed by their beauty. However, not everyone is lucky enough to date or build a long term and healthy relationship with a Colombian lady.

When you travel to Colombia — particularly in Cartagena — to meet your potential Latina bride, you have to know the appropriate ways to get her attention first.

Fret not, here are some tips on how to attract women from Cartagena as a foreign man:

  1. Be confident.
  2. Women in Colombia are not only known for their beauty, but also for their unique qualities and traits. It is clear that these ladies are confident and not afraid to speak their minds.

    When dating a Cartagena woman, there’s no better way to present yourself than to be confident. These women will give their undivided attention to those who are worthy of it.

    Keep in mind that these women can also be intimidating, but if you want to make one fall in love with you, it is important to show that you are the confident man any woman would want as a relationship partner.

  3. Be romantic.
  4. Another way to attract a Latina girl is to shower her with romantic gestures. Being romantic does not only involve paying the bill every time you dine out.

    It is more about giving her your jacket while in a cold place, opening the door for her when you enter an establishment or car, and pulling up a chair for her to sit on. It is about giving her flowers, cooking her favorite meal, and sending her love messages.

    Cartagena women fall in love with romantic gestures more than material things. So if you want to attract her, be romantic and shower her with lots of attention.

  5. Learn about her culture.
  6. Colombian ladies, in general, are particular about their culture. Thus, if you are dating one, you have to at least try and make an effort to learn about her traditions and practices.

    By showing interest in her culture, she will feel that you are sincere in getting to know her roots. This will also show her that you are committed to building a long term relationship with her.

    However, avoid opening up or talking about Colombian stereotypes like Pablo Escobar. This may be a huge deal for them and their country, but it is definitely not part of Colombian culture.

  7. Show her your dancing skills.
  8. You should never skip this if you want to get the attention of a Latina woman. Whatever they do and wherever they are, dancing is always present.

    As you should know, dancing is part of Colombian culture. So there’s really no excuse not to dance to the infectious beats of salsa music, unless you want your date to dance with someone else.

    It doesn’t matter if you are good at dancing or not, what matters to your Colombian date is your effort to dance.

  9. Tell her some jokes.
  10. Just like other women, women in Cartagena love men with a good sense of humor. So if you have some good jokes stocked in your pockets, it’s time to use them.

    If you are not good at it, at least make an effort to laugh with your lady when she cracks some jokes. Colombian females, themselves, also have a good sense of humor.

    However, you have to avoid joking about drugs and Pablo Escobar, or throwing any other feisty Latina jokes because these ladies don’t find it funny. Instead, they will feel as if you are making fun of them.

  11. Build a relationship with her family.
  12. One of the many qualities and traits of Colombian ladies is being family-oriented. That is why they need someone who has the same values as them.

    So don’t be shocked if you will have dinner with the rest of her family on your third or fourth date. It is a common practice in Colombia to allow a man to spend time with the girl’s family, so don’t worry. Perhaps this is the perfect time to show her that you are not only willing to build a strong relationship with her, but also with her family.

    If you are a foreign man who doesn’t have close ties with his family back home, you will have to change that if you want to keep a Latina woman.

  13. Practice your Spanish accent.
  14. The Spanish language is considered one of the few romantic languages. This is a great way to initiate sexy conversations with your Latina date without trying too much.

    Besides that, this will also improve your communication with her. She might want to teach you more basic Spanish words to enhance your skills as well.

    This will show her that you are sincere in wanting to get to know her and in building a relationship with her. So whether or not you’re good at it, talk to her in her language as much as possible.

    Whether you are dating a woman from Cartagena online or offline, you still need to get yourself noticed. The aforementioned tips will basically help you attract Colombian girls as a foreign man.

    How to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you? Easy, just follow the tips we have provided, maintain confidence, be a gentleman, and always make the effort to make your lady feel appreciated and valued. If done right, you will successfully be able to build a strong and healthy relationship with the Latina woman of your dreams.

Now that you already know how to attract these women, what’s stopping you from meeting them personally? Join our singles tours and get to know beautiful Latina girls in Cartagena.