What Colombian Women REALLY Think of American Men

As online dating continues to expand the romantic horizons of American men, many have set their sights south of the border to cities like Cartagena Colombia.

With millions of Colombian women actively engaged in online dating, Americans have begun utilizing the services of international matchmakers to travel to Cartagena and meet Latin women for dating and courtship.

Through the experiences of the countless American men who travel to Cartagena each year, we're now getting an inside peak at what Colombian women really think about these foreigners.

Renowned for their beauty, women from Cartagena possess the traditional feminine qualities that have become less common in American women. With the counter cultural movements of MGTOW and red pill taking hold of many American men, some have decided to look towards dating in Latin America as a viable option for finding a future bride.

Despite the strong message behind the red pill and MGTOW movement, many of the men who engage with these ideologies are still looking for a woman to share their life with, and Cartagena Colombia has become an epicenter for Americans that are interested in dating Latinas abroad.