Young Colombian Women Dating Men ┃ 20+ Year Age Gap

Many Colombian women are aiming for the extraordinary experience international dating brings. When it comes to dating in the magic city of Cartagena, the age gap in relationships has become elastic for many Colombianas open to dating foreign men. Colombian women are often interested in dating older foreign men because they believe such men are good at handling lifelong relationships.

Empowered Colombian girls attending private speed dating events specifically to meet foreign guys are driven to find a great man, something that eludes most domestically due to a dating culture plagued by machismo. Armed with a newfound opportunity to date beyond borders, foreigners who marry Colombian women remark that it has been a life-changing experience for the positive. Such a life changing experience motivates local Latinas to use matchmaking services in Cartagena for an opportunity at lifelong happiness with a special foreign man.

It’s not the looks or status in life that pushes Cartagena women to date or marry older foreign men. It’s more of the men’s willingness to establish a lifelong relationship, to create a family that most Latina women value about dating foreigners. Whether you have 15-20 year age gaps, Latina women lack universal age preferences concerning getting into a relationship, as chemistry with a man does not always depend on how many years apart they are from each other. Colombianas believe that acceptance and understanding will always make their relationship work.