STUCK in Friend Zone?! । Dating in Cartagena Women

Single foreign men can get stuck in a friend zone dating Cartagena women.

Dating Colombian women is tricky. Cultural nuances are at play, so being aware of the do’s and don’ts on your date will help you end it successfully. It will be challenging to learn dating etiquettes from another country, but Latina women will absolutely love it if you do.

Most Colombian girls are all about passion and romance. Latinas want to love and be loved. Single men looking for marriage only need to be true and serious with the women they date in Cartagena to understand where the relationship may go. Colombian women can fall in love fast if she feels the same love and attraction towards you. If she doesn’t, there’s no need to be discouraged or be disappointed. You don’t even have to be bitter about it either. Getting stuck in a friend zone, or anything else for that matter isn’t so bad. If anything, it gives you the advantage to take a step back and figure out your next move in finding the right one.

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