Cartagena Dating: What to Avoid when Dating Colombian Women

In international dating, some of us can get a little too excited about the Colombian women we are going to meet either out and about in Cartagena or during organized speed dating events. Yes, they are beautiful Latina women who seek love and marriage but just like you they have their expectations as well. If you want a Colombian wife in the future, then you need to learn some of these dating tips we have prepared just for you.

When dating single colombian women, it would be great to ask open-ended questions. This isn’t a job interview so it is important to listen to her side as well. One of the dating mistakes most men tend to make is that they tend to talk a little too much. Colombian ladies like to be heard too so remember to do the same as well. You can’t have it one-sided which is why if you want to get your girl, be sure to ask heed this dating advice. Asking close-ended questions won’t last forever. Therefore, It’d be better if you let her also do the talking before you ran out of it.

To finish, remember to consider that dating customs and traditions in Colombia are different compared to the US. A lot of us tend to forget that so we need to remind ourselves that Colombian women are not like the girls in America. Holding hands, kissing and such must wait till your lady gives the permission to do so. Stuff like that is intimate to some countries so you have to be patient if you are serious about her.

So are you ready to go and meet your girl? Remember as long as you hold on to what’s important, you will have a wonderful time dating in Colombia.